Meowpack - The Ultimate Cat Carrier Backpack

Meowpack - The Ultimate Cat Carrier Backpack

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Do you ever leave home, worrying about your beloved pet's comfort while you're away? 
Have you ever wanted to take your furry companion with you to new places, sharing adventures and experiences together? 
Discover a solution made to meet your needs.
Introducing the Meowpack! A revolutionary way to ensure your pet's contentment, no matter where your adventures take you.
  • 🌞🌍 Sunshine & Scenery Access: Cat space backpack with a transparent shell allows pets to enjoy the outside world and allows people to see your amazing pet!

  • 🚀🎒 Fashionable & Functional: Space capsule-like design is lightweight, stylish, and perfect for pet adventures.

  • 🔒 Safe Zippers: Built-in locking system prevents pet escapes when the backpack is open.

  • 💨🐈 Optimal Ventilation: Large side ventilation holes promote airflow for the pet's comfort.

  • ✈️🚶‍♀️ Versatile Activity Companion: Suitable for various activities like travel, walks, hikes, and leisure time.

  • 🐾💪 Sturdy Protection: Lightweight yet robust shell with a firm base ensures pet safety.

  • 📏🐱 Dimensions & Capacity: Sized for cats up to 13 lbs and dogs up to 11 lbs. Worldwide shipping available.

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